Hello and welcome!!
The house is a simple, beautiful house with electric heat and a woodstove, running water from the well and hydro, wifi, bbq and a full kitchen and bath.

It has all the amenities now that it is a small suburban type house, except it is located on a beautiful 80 acres of forest.  It is perfect for your get away time in Gimli or a day trip to the beach just 2 miles away, but you get to retreat to the forest.

In winter you can go skiing on the great ski trails of Camp Morton, or hop on many local snowmobile trails!


I do all bookings through Airbnb! Please go to the Contact Us page the Airbnb link will take you to the page and you can review the calendar and proceed to book.

A few things about my place:


We are about 80 kilometers north of Winnipeg if you take highway 8 and only about 3/4 mile from the highway on a gravel road – I will send you more details when you book!

Local attractions:

There are many great shops in Gimli. You will also find grocery stores, the beach, museum and pub there.

You can visit Riverton or Arborg  for shopping or the wonderful bakery in Arborg.

Winnipeg Beach has a dog friendly beach if you are looking for that.

If you need anything like gas or snacks the Chudd’s Esso is at the corner of highway 8 and highway 231 is about 10 minutes south of us and is open 24 hours.

The Trails:

There are a number of trails on the land, one you can see from the living room windows and from the back deck and runs to the south east, which you can follow to the back ponds, or all the way to the north south right of way separating us from our neighbours to the east.

The trails heading south are behind the gardens and the painted stone, you can follow it all the way to the back pond and if we have manicured the trail it goes all the way back into the trail system beyond the back pond, but that is depending if we have manicured it.

BE VERY CAREFUL on the trails. Even though it is only 80 acres of land it is possible to get lost in the forest very easily, especially in the non-winter months, if you are not used to bush navigation.

Some trails are still being developed and are rough, you would have to tie a rope to you so you don’t get lost!

Public boat access:

We have heard that the best places are in Gimli, Winnipeg Beach at the Marina or in Petersfield or Netley Marsh.

Things for you at the house:

The house is basically a straightforward two bedroom suburban type house with open living room/dining/kitchen area, well water for washing, a drinking water dispenser with one or two 11L containers, a full kitchen with all utensils, a dishwasher even though we do not use it very much, and all regular amenities.

Both bedrooms are ready for you and you can use the ceiling fans in the bedrooms and living room.  Feel free to use the wood stove although you might prefer to use the new “turtle design” fire pit outside by the tent if the bugs are not too bad for you!

We also have several hammocks around for your relaxation… As far as keeping the bedrooms cooler in the summer we find that if you keep the doors closed during the day that should help.

As we also noted there are rough trails throughout the property heading out from the back of the cabin but you will likely need rubber boots or good hiking boots, depending upon the weather, not to mention a sense of adventure.  Watch your step as the ground can get rough, it is not a walking path but rough trail!

We are working on the trails and they are a work in progress but they go back one half mile south and 1/8 mile east and west from the house to the south.  You may come across beautiful stands of poplar and aspen or also stands of just spruce, a few ponds, and even a hunting blind someone put in years ago (but please no hunting on the property!)

The place has a few food items for you including coffee, and we always have a French press for you!  We have set aside space in the fridge for you, but there will likely be some of our food in one of the shelves in the fridge as we use this house also when you are not our guest!  We have cleared out one cupboard for you closest to the stove, that should be enough room for your stay.

It is buggy in the evenings in summer so we will leave you citronella candles, and there is OFF in the cabin just inside the door if you use that sort of stuff.

There is some room in the garage if you need to store something, we have moved over our stuff as much as possible to make it as neat as possible although there is quite a bit of stuff in there we are using for our various projects so it is by no means empty!  We hope to put in shelves sometime soon and finish the garage (or make it into a yoga studio!).

There is also a propane BBQ and we try and keep the tank full but if it gets empty it can be filled at Chudd’s Esso and we can reimburse you!

Feel free to chill on the front and back decks, hang your laundry out to dry and do some yoga on the deck in the privacy of the forest! 🙂

Drinking water: We also leave drinking water for you for the water cooler, as we do not drink the well water.  If you run out you can fill them at the grocery including the Super A or the Sobeys in Gimli, I think it’s $1.99 to fill it.  Hopefully that we have filled them between guests and if not please fill one up if are into Gimli for groceries!

For bedding: the modest 900 square foot house has two bedrooms, one has a king size bed, one has a queen bed.  In the living room there is the couch and the white chair turns into a futon bed for one.  There is also a double futon you can put on the floor for the kids, or yourself!

We also have set up tents on the property if any of your party feels like camping, but they will have to bring their own sleeping bags and mattress… even a tipi if that is your preference!

We change the sheets for you and the towels are washed between guests, if anything at all is not to your desire in cleanliness please let us know as we have a cleaner do cleaning and do try and keep everything to the best standard we can.

For kitchen amenities: there is a fridge, stove, microwave, electric kettle, and dishwasher.

The bathroom: there is a shower and a bath tub.  We have left fresh bath, hand and face towels, and there are soaps, shower gels, shampoo and conditioner for your use.

Electric panel: for some reason if you need to know where it is for an emergency, it is in the main bedroom with the king size bed and on the wall that faces the washroom.

WIFI: there is Wifi on site and there is no passcode to use it (that is the 10 foot tower on top of the house, we had it installed to get WIFI as the trees would other wise block the signal without it!).

Telephone: we have a telephone on site in case your cell phone does not have very good reception (many times it will go directly to voice mail as the trees block the cellular signal often).  However we have mounted a cellular booster to try and help with the signal.  You will of course need a calling card as of course we cannot provide free long distance.

Wood stove: feel free to use the wood stove – use proper safety etiquette by never leaving a fire unattended – if it is still going please just close the door to the wood stove if you have to leave for a period of time.  Please be careful, do not put flammable items near the open door when you have a fire, like obvious things such as newspaper or any personal items or furniture.  Wood is between the garage and the house.

House rules:  Please no smoking inside – outside we have left ashtray cups.  Please leave all items from the premises upon checkout.  Please clean up the kitchen and wash whatever you use, and please put a grocery bag in the garbage can in the kitchen (there is or should be a blue bag with small grocery bags for the garbage can under the sink) and when you leave please carry your garbage bag out and put in the garbage can by the front steps of the west deck.

Garbage Pick up: at the end of the driveway on Thursdays.  If you are there on a Thursday that would be greatly appreciated if you could roll or drive it to the end of the driveway, we know it is a long way!)

Sewage pump outs: when arranged – the house has a large holding tank which can go for a lengthy period of time in between pump outs.  If you smell a bad odour on flushing the toilet please let us know as we may need to arrange for a pump out, but likely we have taken care of that long before your stay.  The dishwasher and shower obviously use a fair bit of water and may result in a need for pump out during your stay but hopefully not (we do try and minimize pump outs as there is a per visit cost regardless of how much is the holding tank!).

Cool restaurants: Go to Gimli, we love Brennivins for pizza and salads, or the Ship and Plough for a local pub with great food and a beer.  Kris’ Fish and Chips has great fish of course.

I am often in the neighbourhood in my campervan if I am not in the city or away travelling.

Cheers and Enjoy!!